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I'm BAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK . after a long an unexpected hiatus the show returns bigger than ever. This episode is a LIVE show. Well, technically it was in fron of a live audience then and you are no listening on recording. Which is no different than how you normally engage it. This is the big cross over spectacular of the Via Media Network hosted by the Collect Call at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Join the Padre and the rest of the crew from Easter People and Collect Call as they discuss if there can be to much prayer. Don't miss the game at the end of the episode, if for no other reason than to watch us flounder!  Next week we are back with more great guests. 





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In this episode the Padre is joined by Jennifer Wickham and Illan Emmanuel to discuss the upcoming premier of Game of Thrones. While the episode is a little bit fan boyish (or fan girlish) there is still plenty for people that haven't seen the show to chew on. Listen in as they discuss more than just the show. Listen in as they wrestle with the eternal battles of good vs evil. They debate the relative nature of ethic and and virtue. As always there is plenty of learning and a lot of laughs. 



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Episode 34 finds the Island in a frenzy over the NCAA basketball tournament. Joining the Padre this week is Jonathon Melton, Campus Missioner at the University of Wisconsin. The guys explore the role of the underdogs in sports and faith and why we are so drawn to them. Jonathon roots for laundry and Sean wonders what's up with all the butt slapping. As always there are plenty of laughs and insights to go around. 






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In this episode Rev. Brad Landry sits down to talk about running marathons. Listen in as he discovers what it has meant in his life of prayer and in his life. Hear the Padre iscuss his journey toward a healthier lifestyle and the challenges that have come with it. Can running a marathon teach us something about the nature of our faith journey? You'll have to listen to find out!


PS: The audio is a bit rougher than normal we were in a hotel lobby!

Music liscensed under creative comons. 

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In this episode the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Most Rev. Dr. Katherine Jefferts Schori makes her way to the island to discuss the roles of faith and science. Sean and Bishop Katherine look for ways to reconcile the relationship between these two ancient foes. Listen as they seek to understand which sphere of our life each one plays a role in. Laugh with Bishop Katherine as she schools Sean on recreating dinosaurs!


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In this episode the Padre sit down with Tony Carpenter and Pam Birdsong to talk about their experience of distributing ashes to go on Ash Wednesday. Listen in to learn a little about the traditions of Ash Wednesday, the importance of tradition, and the value of liturgy. Here the trio tell stories from a day that touched them deeply. 


Closing music provided with permission from Ben Ford.



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In this episode the Kyle Oliver joins the Padre for a discussion about the Church in the digital age. Does the church have to maintain its combative stance with the interwebs or is it possible to be the voice crying out in the wilderness? The guys talk about everything from the civility of the internet to the role of podcasts as a medium for the Gospel. As always there are plenty of laughs to be had along the way. 


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The Future Soon: by Jonathon Coulton



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In this episode the Padre is joined by former PGA golfer Phil Blackmar. On the eve of the Superbowl the guys discuss how faith does impact the games we play. Yet there is also a dark side to sports. What do we do with cheating? What is chaeating? When is winning sinning? Listen to Phil turn the tables on the Padre!








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Episode 28: Why can't we be friends?

This episode of Padre's Pods welcomes Rabbi Illan Emmanuel t the island once more. This week the Padre and the Rabbi talk about the recent terror outbreak in Paris. Listen to the guys as they struggle to understand the viloence. Hear them do the tough work of still being open and desirous of reconciliation for the three Abrahamic traditions. Though certainly a tough topic they manage to still find a way to get in a few laughs. 








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This week the Padre is joined by Rabbi Illan Emanuel joins the crew of riff raff. In this episode the guys have a conversation about the challenges and blessings of living in a multifaith community. Illan learns a little about Advent and the Padre learns a lot about Chanukah. Two faiths sharing common stories reveling in the joys of a shared season. What could be better?







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Aaron Evans returns to the island for a look at Christmas movie and music. Listen in as the guys discuss how the culture maybe closer to getting it right than the Church would care to admit. In their ramblings the find a way to give indulgences for Black Friday shopping! Aaron does amazing theological back flips as he conects The Santa Clause to the struggle o people of faith to live into the fullness of who God calls them to be. As always the episode is filled with plenty of laughs.








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In this episode the Padre sits down once more with Harley Matthews. This week they talk about tattoos and faith. Hear Harley speak about his journey of becoming a living canvas, while the Padre laments his fear. Hear the guys connect getting ink to receiving communion. When Harley calls Sean out on some bad theology the fun really starts! Laugh and learn as faith and ink collide! Will Harley convince sean to go under the gun?








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The continuation of episode 23. Join Jamie McAdams, Matt Wise, Chip Broadfoot, Gary Butterwort and Sean Maloney as they recite some of the important things they learned in seminary. Hear them tell tales of struggling to live in community, and the laughter and love that comes with it. 










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In this much anticipated episode the Padre sits down with 4 classmates from his time in seminary. Joined by the Revs. Chip Broadfoot, Gary Butterworth, Jamie McAdams, and Matt Wise the discussion is a collection of learnings and stories that are fun for everyone. Hear the Story of a baptism go wrong as well as a challenges of community. 







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In this episode our hero's take on the culture of the individual. As people of faith are we called to be rugged individualists, parts of the borg, or something in between. This Week the Rev. Drew Downs joins the Padre for a look at the importance of community and exactly why it is important to us as Christians. The guys discuss everything from the Trinity to the Avengers in their quest to discover just what being part of the body of Christ means.






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This week a new boat crashes onto the island. Harley Matthews joins the Padre to talk about his journey of beginning a new kind of faith community. Listen in as they talk about tattoos,punk rock, and the power God to work when we get out of the way! As always there is laughter and stoories that will hopefully reveal something new to us all.







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In this episode the Padre is joined by Rev. Grant Wisemen, who in a previous life was an Army Linguistics Specialist. Join the guys as they debate the struggles of being a peron of faith and a patriot. Listen as they identify pitfalls and strengths. Grant and Sean approach the topic from very different places, which lend to a robust conversation. Hear the guys discuss and hopefully find that wonderful place where God can work between two people. 







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Listen in as the Padre is joined by a calvacade of people to discuss their dads. Hear stories of inspiration and love. Stories of Learning and loss. Learn how fathers play an integral role in the formation of people of faith. Hopefully you will have your heart warmed by the love of dads and all the mean to us. Most importantly, learn how fathers teach us something important about how God loves us!






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After a nice little vacation the Padre is eager to talk about vacation and sabbath. Joined on the island this week by Rev. Brian Grantz the conversation asks what it means to slow down. Listen in as the guys explore what National Lampoons Vacation can tell us about behaving in a faithful way. Hear the guys talk about their favorite vacations as the explore one of the oldest biblical concepts.








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This week the Padre sits down to talk raising kids and developing faith with his very own Mom. Darlene Maloney shares her faithful strategy of allowing her kids to see the best and the worst of what the world had to offer. Listen in as she wrestles with what it must be like to be a parent today and the challenges of single parenting. As always share in the stories and laughter that are at the heart of faith. 

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This week the Padre is joined by Rev. Andrew Thayer to discuss the resurrection and how we talk about it with kids. Listen in as they struggle with teaching hard concepts to kids. The guys discuss how most of the bible would be rated R. Laugh along as they struggle to keep it together talking about feet. Learn a little about faith! Don't forget to join the conversation on our facebook page. Like share and rate if you are enjoying, and ven if your not!

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Listen in as the staf of St. Bartholomew's takes a couple minutes out of busy Holy Week preparations to talk about the journy. Listen in as they struggle to keep perspective of their own faith amidst the business that has to be done. Hear them talk about what the journey means to them and whatt hey are looking forward too. 

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In this episode the Sean sits down with High School junior Austin Duenes to discuss the movie God's not Dead. Listen in as they recal the highs and lows of the film. SPOILER ALERT: they do gove away key plot points. Listen in as the boys discuss their frustrations with overly simpliied Christianity that makes little impact on complicated life. You will also get to hear a young person of faith as he expresses his own opinions about the greatness of God. 

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In this episode the Padre is joined by supermom Kim Gray. Kim brings here expertice as a teacher and mother of 4 to the mic. Together they talk about the importance of lent for kids and how parents can get them involved in the season. As always there are plenty of laughs and fun along the way. As aways don't forget to share thoughts or questions with us on our facebook page.



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After a brief break the Padre is back in action. This weeks guest is the Rev. Scott Gunn of Forward Movement. The guys discuss what it means to have a little laughter as part of our faith and look at a great program to learn more about the history of the Church. As always there is a lot of laughter and plenty to ponder!

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Joined once again by Jonathan Wickham the Padre takes on Super Bowl Sunday! The guys look at the culture of sports and entertainment, its highs and its lows. Listen as they struggle to understand the place of the spectacle that has become major sporting events in our lives as people of faith. Hear them wrestle with what it does to the athletes as well as what it does to those that watch them. 

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In a special tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sean is joined by the Very Rev. Walter Brownridge for a discussion on race and reconciliation. Though longer than the average podcast it is well worth the listen. In this episode the guys talk about how fear seperates us from each other, the need for confession, and why we continue to struggle with this important topic. Listen as the laugh and share stories of hope, challenge, and pain in hopes of reaching a deeper understanding of where we are today. 

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In this episode the Padre is joined by Matt Wise once again. After a brief interlude on A&M football they Dive into looking at New Year's resolutions and Baptism. They discuss how people of faith live a cycle that is always calling us look at ourselves deeply. The guys look at popular iagary around baptism and what it means to wade into the waters of faith. 

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In this Christmas special the Padre sits down with his sisters for a conversation about tradition. Listen in as they discusss all the crazy stories of their family around Christmas. They also discuss how families can merge and create new tradidtions. Though the episode is on the long side it is filled with laughter and some great ideas for families. 

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This week I am joined by Everett Lees for a discussion on the holiday movies we have all grown up. Listen in as we look for deeper truths in the stories of Ebeneezer, Rudolph, Clark, and Cousin Eddie. Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen these movies your missing out!

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Lisa Mason joins the Padre this week for a discussion of the war on Christmas. The conversation meanders from shopping to commercials to Charlie Brown. Listen as they wade through the distraction to try and find a way to keep the season bright. 

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This week the Padre sits down with Jamie McAdams to discuss the difficulties of waiting. We discuss the impatience we struggle with and how Advent just might be the season to help us with that. The guys also talk about how Santa may help us come to a deeper understanding of what it means to wait for Jesus. The guys also get a little riff in about resposibility and what it means to live into our choices.  

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The Padre sits down with Jared Cramer, Aaron Evans, and Matt wise for a discussion of the misunderstood seasonn of Advent. Listen to the guys as they share their traditions and struggles with the season leading into Christmas. As a bonus, you get to hear the sultry tones of Aaron as he proclaims the virtue of the Counting Crows theology. 

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The Padre talks to Jonathan Wickham (fellow Padre) about the nature of bullies. It's a timely look at Jonathon Martin and Richie Incognito. The roles of sin and brokenness and our responsibility to the process. Sean even takes a little guff about cmparing music and sports. 

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Episode 2: Do you know the way to Never Never Land

The Padre and his guest (Jason Beshinski) kvetch about youth groups, church, and family formation. Listen in as they try to figure out the role of the family vs the role of the Church. Struggling to answer whether church is for everyone!

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In this inagural episode of Padre's Pods we hear the origin story of the podcast. Listen in as the Padre talks about the importance of these kinds of stories and sets us up for future episodes. 

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