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I'm BAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK . after a long an unexpected hiatus the show returns bigger than ever. This episode is a LIVE show. Well, technically it was in fron of a live audience then and you are no listening on recording. Which is no different than how you normally engage it. This is the big cross over spectacular of the Via Media Network hosted by the Collect Call at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Join the Padre and the rest of the crew from Easter People and Collect Call as they discuss if there can be to much prayer. Don't miss the game at the end of the episode, if for no other reason than to watch us flounder!  Next week we are back with more great guests. 





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In this episode the Padre is joined by Jennifer Wickham and Illan Emmanuel to discuss the upcoming premier of Game of Thrones. While the episode is a little bit fan boyish (or fan girlish) there is still plenty for people that haven't seen the show to chew on. Listen in as they discuss more than just the show. Listen in as they wrestle with the eternal battles of good vs evil. They debate the relative nature of ethic and and virtue. As always there is plenty of learning and a lot of laughs. 



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Episode 34 finds the Island in a frenzy over the NCAA basketball tournament. Joining the Padre this week is Jonathon Melton, Campus Missioner at the University of Wisconsin. The guys explore the role of the underdogs in sports and faith and why we are so drawn to them. Jonathon roots for laundry and Sean wonders what's up with all the butt slapping. As always there are plenty of laughs and insights to go around. 






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In this episode Rev. Brad Landry sits down to talk about running marathons. Listen in as he discovers what it has meant in his life of prayer and in his life. Hear the Padre iscuss his journey toward a healthier lifestyle and the challenges that have come with it. Can running a marathon teach us something about the nature of our faith journey? You'll have to listen to find out!


PS: The audio is a bit rougher than normal we were in a hotel lobby!

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In this episode the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Most Rev. Dr. Katherine Jefferts Schori makes her way to the island to discuss the roles of faith and science. Sean and Bishop Katherine look for ways to reconcile the relationship between these two ancient foes. Listen as they seek to understand which sphere of our life each one plays a role in. Laugh with Bishop Katherine as she schools Sean on recreating dinosaurs!


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In this episode the Padre sit down with Tony Carpenter and Pam Birdsong to talk about their experience of distributing ashes to go on Ash Wednesday. Listen in to learn a little about the traditions of Ash Wednesday, the importance of tradition, and the value of liturgy. Here the trio tell stories from a day that touched them deeply. 


Closing music provided with permission from Ben Ford.



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In this episode the Kyle Oliver joins the Padre for a discussion about the Church in the digital age. Does the church have to maintain its combative stance with the interwebs or is it possible to be the voice crying out in the wilderness? The guys talk about everything from the civility of the internet to the role of podcasts as a medium for the Gospel. As always there are plenty of laughs to be had along the way. 


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The Future Soon: by Jonathon Coulton



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In this episode the Padre is joined by former PGA golfer Phil Blackmar. On the eve of the Superbowl the guys discuss how faith does impact the games we play. Yet there is also a dark side to sports. What do we do with cheating? What is chaeating? When is winning sinning? Listen to Phil turn the tables on the Padre!








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Episode 28: Why can't we be friends?

This episode of Padre's Pods welcomes Rabbi Illan Emmanuel t the island once more. This week the Padre and the Rabbi talk about the recent terror outbreak in Paris. Listen to the guys as they struggle to understand the viloence. Hear them do the tough work of still being open and desirous of reconciliation for the three Abrahamic traditions. Though certainly a tough topic they manage to still find a way to get in a few laughs. 








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This week the Padre is joined by Rabbi Illan Emanuel joins the crew of riff raff. In this episode the guys have a conversation about the challenges and blessings of living in a multifaith community. Illan learns a little about Advent and the Padre learns a lot about Chanukah. Two faiths sharing common stories reveling in the joys of a shared season. What could be better?







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